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TOMORROW - Bright Colours Cupcakes Set

TOMORROW - Bright Colours Cupcakes Set

A 6-Pack contains 2x BANANA & SALTED CARAMEL2x LEMON & ELDERFLOWER, and 2x MATCHA GREEN TEA cupcakes, and a 12-Pack contains FOUR of each flavour. 


KEY INGREDIENTS - Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything you have to avoid! x
BANANA & SALTED CARAMEL (left) - Flour, dairy, egg, sugar, banana, pastry-chef-handmade caramel, popcorn, and etc.
LEMON & ELDERFLOWER (middle) - Flour, dairy, egg, sugar, lemon, lemon juice, edible syrup, edible flowers, and etc.
MATCHA GREEN TEA (right) - Flour, dairy, egg, sugar, Japanese matcha green tea powder, pastry-chef-handmade white chocolate shard, edible sprinkles, and etc.
Serving - When it is >20°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes. When it is <19°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 30 minutes or more. All depends how warm/cold your place is. The softer the cupcake icing, the more delicious, not cold/hard! x
Moving - Place your cupcakes on a level surface like on the floor in your car, not on the seat :) Not ideal on bicycle, motorbike, or airplane trips x
Storage - If you have any leftovers, please keep them in your fridge (air-tight container will definitely help!). Please do not leave it in direct sunlight and/or heat. And refer to the 'SERVICING' advice above to serve the leftovers next day! x


'PRE-MADE' Happy-Birthday cupcake top-badges are available! 'CUSTOM-MADE' cupcake top-badges are not available for Next-Day orders...... 
Available in 11 different coloursOut staff recommended top-badge colours for this Bright Colours Cupcakes Set - MONO (Black or White), PASTEL (Green or Yellow), or MIRROR (Gold, Silver or Rose Gold). All cupcake top-badges will be displayed flat on the top of the cupcakes.


'FLORIST'S CHOICE' Small Blooms - small size simply blooms by our florists, $39 each,
'ROSES-ONLY' Small Blooms - small size of half a dozen mixed colour roses, $49 each,
'MIXED FLOWERS' Small Posy - small size posy in mixed flowers & colours, $69 each,
'LUX BAG BOUQUET' A Mixed Bouquet in our LUX Bag for Her or Him, $99 each,
Flower colours/types may be replaced by our in-house florists with other flowers due to availability and supply issues from the markets.  


We can hand-write your message (free envelope) on the MESSAGE CARD for you and the recipient so that it feels more personal. We always recommend to put your (sender's) name/nickname in the message so that the recipient knows who to come back to say a 'thank you'. Surprise orders don't work pretty well most often, so many variables......


We can personally deliver to more than 150 popular suburbs in Auckland, by in-house delivery team members! Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR LIST OF COVERAGE SUBURBS and double-check on your delivery destination! If you know the recipient is going to be at the delivery address all day, the 'ANYTIME' option is the best choice! Otherwise, there are 'Specific Time Slot' options also available (extra payments included). Also, if you are sending more than two products to the same address in the same order, please choose the '1x DELIVERY PAYMENT ALREADY PAID (Same Order Same Cart) Option'! Surprise orders don't work pretty well most often, so many variables......
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