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/1 DAY/ Cookie Choux

TOMORROW - Cookie Choux Tower

TOMORROW - Cookie Choux Tower


KEY INGREDIENTS - Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything you have to avoid! x

DARK CHOCOLATE flavour - Flour, dairy, sugar, egg, chocolates, cocoa powder, and etc.

VANILLA BEAN flavour - Flour, dairy, sugar, egg, vanilla bean, and etc.

Serving - We recommend you to keep the cookie choux in your fridge. But please be aware that the crust cookie part on the top may go soft/soggy next day in your fridge. So, the best way is to finish them same day :) 
Moving - Place your cookie choux box on a level surface like on the floor in your car, not on the seat :) Not ideal on bicycle, motorbike, or airplane trips xx
Storage - If you have any leftover cookie choux, please keep them in your fridge (air-tight container will definitely help!) ideally no more than 2-3 days. Please understand that the crust cookie part on the top of the cookie choux may go soft/soggy in the fridge next day! x

ADD-ON: Fresh Flower Posy (Small) or Lux Bag (Medium)

You can add a separate Fresh Flowers gift Posy (included paper wrapped with ribbon) along with the Cookie Choux Tower! In-Season Flowers Posy has six beautiful stems of seasonal flowers such as Tulips, Matthiola, Sunflowers, etc. Four-Season Roses Posy has nine gorgeous mini size standard roses. Flower selection may vary depends on the market supply and availability. 

Lux Bag (Medium) - Mixed Roses Posy includes balanced colours of standard roses and spray roses for a she or a he! Mixed Flowers Posy includes same/similar colours of flowers with a variety! And all TTW Lux Bag (gold foil) and high quality ribbon handles included in the prices!  

ADD-ON: Message Card

We will hand-write your message for you and the recipient so that it fees more personal. We always recommend to put your (sender's) name/nickname in the message so that the recipient knows who to come back to say a 'thank you'. Surprise orders don't work pretty well most often, so many variable......


We can deliver to more than 150 popular suburbs in Auckland, by in-house delivery team members! Please check if your destination is on our Coverage List. Ideally, if you know the recipient is going to be at the delivery address all day, the 'ANYTIME' option is the best choice! Otherwise, there are 'Specific Time Slot' options also available (extra payments included). Surprise orders don't work pretty well most often, so many variable......

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