Product Cares

At The Three Words, we only use the freshest ingredients, such as New Zealand free range eggs. This allows us to create cakes that aren’t overly sweet and instead, our cakes are decadent, moist, and full of flavour! Our cakes are made from scratch and with plenty of love by our very own patisserie! Also we only use the freshest flowers from the flower market.

For the ultimate freshness, we recommend that our cakes are eaten within a single sitting, especially if you’ve got a small crowd to share them with! For those who can’t quite finish the whole cake in one sitting, first off, we applaud your self-control! Second, we recommend storing in an air-tight container for maximum freshness. You should finish the cake within 5 days and when ready to indulge, let the cake rest for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature to allow it to soften.

Lastly, as a special treat to you, we offer customizable cake toppers (your three words, for instance, ‘I Love You’ or ‘Happy Birthday Hayley’ or ‘Our 1st Anniversary’, etc) at a discounted price when you purchase one of our cakes! This allows you to add a unique and special touch to your cake, making it all the more sentimental.

When it comes to ordering, we ask that you please order 2 days prior to when you need your cake. However, if you wake up and find yourself unexpectedly needing a gorgeous cake and/or flowers that very day, you can always contact us that morning to see if we have available stock for same day delivery and/or pick-up. No promises, but always worth a shot! Here at The Three Words, we have both assistant for bros and assistant for ladies.

Contact us if you are ready to order or have any questions whatsoever! We’d love to tell you more about our business and assist you in picking the perfect cake and/or flowers. Also, feel free to tell us more about your event/the occasion as this will help us better understand your needs!

Call us direct at (09) 307-1333, or @THETHREEWORDSNZ