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TOMORROW - Choose Your Favourite 12-Pack Cupcakes

TOMORROW - Choose Your Favourite 12-Pack Cupcakes

1. Banana & Salted Caramel, 
2. Cookies & Cream,
3. Chocolate & Coffee,
4. Double Chocolate,
5. Lemon & Blueberry,
6. Lemon & Elderflower,
7. Matcha Green Tea,
8. Pistachio & Rose,
9. Red Velvet, 
10. Earl Grey Tea,
11. Vanilla & Raspberry,
12. Vanilla & Strawberry,


A 12-Pack contains your chosen flavours in a large cupcake box.


KEY INGREDIENTS - Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything you have to avoid! For your information, please refer to this CUPCAKES INGREDIENTS page for more.

Serving - When it is >20°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes. When it is <19°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 30 minutes or more. All depends how warm/cold your place is. The softer the cupcake icing, the more delicious, not cold/hard! x
Moving - Place your cupcakes on a level surface like on the floor in your car, not on the seat :) Not ideal on bicycle, motorbike, or airplane trips x
Storage - If you have any leftovers, please keep them in your fridge (air-tight container will definitely help!). Please do not leave it in direct sunlight and/or heat. And refer to the 'SERVICING' advice above to serve the leftovers next day! x


'PRE-MADE' Happy-Birthday cupcake top-badges are available! 'CUSTOM-MADE' cupcake top-badges can be arranged up to THREE WORDS! Available in 11 different coloursOut staff recommended top-badge colours for this Assorted Cupcakes Set - MONO (Black or White), PASTEL (Blue, Green Peach, Pink, Purple or Yellow), or MIRROR (Gold, Silver or Rose Gold). All cupcake top-badges will be displayed flat on the top of the cupcakes.


'THREE COLOURS 10 BLOOMS' $79 - 3 similar/matching colours in small posy wrap & ribbon (10 stems of small roses, tulips, lilies, daisies, stocks, etc),
'FOUR COLOURS BOUQUET' $109 - 4 balanced/matching colours medium mixed flowers in bouquet wrap & ribbon,
'FOUR COLOURS BOUQUET IN LUX BAG' $149 - 4+ balanced/matching colours large mixed flowers in our signature LUX BAG.
Please move your flowers into your flower vase, change water and clean the vase every
day. Keep them away from direct sun and heat.


We can HAND-WRITE your message on the card for the recipient on your behalf so that it feels more personal! Please include your name/nickname so that the recipient knows who it's from.
We do not encourage people to send a surprise delivery order...


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* We do not encourage people to send a surprise delivery order......

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