✔Vanilla cake sheets, ✔Raspberry Italian buttercream icing, ✔Pastry chefs hand-made raspberry jam, ✔INCLUDED fresh flowers decoration on the top of the cake ✔Size/Colours may vary due to market availability, ✔Comes with approx 33% less sugar inside! ✔INCLUDED TTW Raspberry & White Chocolate macaron(s), ✔Macaron(s) may be substituted with other flavour and/or extra fresh flowers, ✔Decorate-Fresh-to-Order! ✔Bake-Fresh-to-Order! ✔In-House pastry chefs made, ✔2-Layer, 3-Layer and 4-Layer options with semi-naked finish 


Flour, dairy, egg, sugar, vanilla bean paste, fruit, pastry chefs hand-made raspberry jam, freeze dried fruit, white chocolate, almond (macaron), and etc. Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything your have to avoid xx 


Serving - When it is >20°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 2 hours or around . When it is <19°C, please keep your cake at room temperature for about 3.5 to 4 hours or around. All depends how warm/cold your place is. The softer the cake, the more delicious, not cold/hard! xx

Moving - Place your cake on a level surface like on the floor in your car, not on the seat :) Not ideal on bicycle, motorbike, or airplane trips xx

Storage - If you have any leftovers, please cut your cake into slices and keep them in your fridge (air-tight container will definitely help!). Please do not leave it in direct sunlight and/or heat. And refer to the 'SERVICING' advice above to serve the leftovers next day! xx