This elegant VANILLA & RASPBERRY CAKE has everything in it. The pink colours, fruity flavour buttercream and icing, our signature Raspberry & White Chocolate Macarons (can be replaced with other macaron flavours). Must enjoy the real raspberry coulis in the cake! Approx 33% less sugar than the usual recipes.  Only available in 6" (approx 15cm) wide & 8" wide and 2-Layer (approx 15cm), 3-Layer (approx 23cm) and 4-layer (approx 30cm) tall sizes. Fresh flowers decoration (not edible) may vary due to supply and seasonality reasons.

The cake in the picture is the 6" and 3-Layer size option. All 2-layer, 3-layer and 4-layer options would have 'Semi-Naked' finish as per the photo. 

Key ingredients include flour, dairy, egg, sugar, vanilla bean paste, fruit, chocolate, and etc. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you should avoid! xx 

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