Fresh seasonal SUNFLOWERS BOUQUETS (Yellow Bright Colour) will be wrapped in THE THREE WORDS' unique wrapping papers and ribbon. Only quality and fresh flowers (no dried or artificial flowers) will be used! 

3 different size options available;

  • 6 Sunflowers Bouquet with foliage,
  • 9 Sunflowers Bouquet with foliage, or
  • 12 Sunflowers Bouquet with foliage. 


*ADD-ON* WHOLE CAKE - You can add a cake along with one of these flower bouquets. Most of the add-on cakes have already been 5% - 10% price adjusted to show you a big thank you to hit two birds here at THE THREE WORDS l Cakes & Flowers :)

*ADD-ON* ASSORTED MACARONS / CUPCAKES / PARTY PACK - You can add an assorted 6-Pack Macarons and/or an assorted 6-Pack Cupcakes. If adding both assorted macarons and assorted cupcakes, it is now only $52.25 (5% off from the normal price of $55). If you are adding an assorted party pack, is is now only $74.10 (5% off from the normal price of $78).

*ADD-ON* MESSAGE CARD - You can add a message card for just $4.27 each (5% off from the normal price of $4.50). Please include your name/nickname on the bottom of the message card so that the recipient knows who to say a 'thank you' to!

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