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Your MIXED FRESH ROSES - Chic & Pale Pinks includes baby pink, coral, flamingo, light pink, peony, pink, rose, and other colours in the similar #pantone charts (3 or more colours)!

Our florists will use the freshest available Roses (standard roses and spray roses) from the markets. Each bouquet will be wrapped in THE THREE WORDS' unique wrapping papers, ribbon or in our TTW signature Lux Bag (small lux bag for Standard size and large lux bag for Double and Triple sizes)!

Available in 3 sizes (including free greenery or foliage);

  • Standard Size (10+ standard roses with 3+ spray roses 3% off)
  • Double Size (20+ standard roses with 6+ spray roses 10% off), and 
  • Triple Size (30+ stems roses with 9+ spray roses 20% off).

Please move the flowers into your floral vase as soon as you can. Change water everyday and clean the vase everyday, too! We know it sounds too much but having both clean water and the vase is really important to keep them for longer. Flowers don't really like direct sunlight and/or heat (including dehumidifier or heater in winter). Flower colours may be replaced due to seasonality and availability factors.

*Each standard rose has 1 rose head and each spray rose has 3 or more rose heads.

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