'Morning' Macarons (6 flavours)


Full flavoured filling inside between two crunchy and colourful shells.

Our 6 ‘Morning’ chewy handmade macarons set includes;

1. Blueberry Yoghurt

2. Earl Grey Tea

3. Strawberry

4. Rose

5. Matcha

6. Lemon


The ‘freshest’ way eat these macarons is to start and finish now, right now, and yes very this moment! If you can’t, please keep them in the fridge (in an air-tight container, if available) but finish them within 3 days. To eat these delicious macarons soft again, put them out at the room temperature for about 10 mins.

We always make our macarons here at The Three Words kitchen (not buying from other bakery and resell) by our patisserie. Each day, we use the best and the freshest ingredients including New Zealand free range eggs. The macarons may contain nuts, sugar, eggs, food colouring, gluten and dairy ingredients. At The Three Words, we offer differentiated macarons by making them slightly bigger, thicker and less sweet (you will tell that our macarons are not really sweet but has the full flavours).

Please order your macarons 1 day prior, but contact us anyway in the morning to see if we have available stocks for same day delivery and/or pick-up.

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