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Are you looking for something different and unique? This LEMON & ELDERFLOWER CAKE is the one! Crisp lemon flavour cake sheets with Elderflower icings and syrups. The lemon curd inside of the cake makes it truly tangy. Our recipe has approx. 33% less sugar than other common recipes. Please don't eat the fresh flowers on the top :) Available in 6" (15cm) & 8" (20cm) width and 2-Layer (15cm), 3-Layer (23cm) & 4-Layer (30cm) heights.

The Lemon & Elderflower Cake in the picture is the 6" and 2-Layer size option. The 2-Layer options would come in the 'Naked' finish and the 3-Layer & 4-Layer options in the 'Semi-Naked' finish. 

Key ingredients include flour, dairy, cooked eggs, sugar, lemon, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, and etc. Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything you should avoid! xx

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