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Lemon flavour cake contains handmade blueberry jam and cream cheese filling! Blueberry flavour buttercream with fresh blueberries between the layers and on the top! Don't forget the Blueberry Yoghurt macarons. Approx 33% less sugar than the usual recipes. Available in 6" (15cm) & 8" (20cm) width (approx) and 2-Layer (15cm), 3-Layer (23cm) & 4-Layer (30cm) heights (approx). The LEMON & BLUEBERRY CAKE in the picture is the 6" and 3-Layer size option. All 2-layer, 3-layer and 4-layer options would have 'Semi-Naked' finish - the photo example is a full cover, however, the actual cake would have semi-naked finish.

Store your cake in the fridge please! Then move the cake to the room temperature for about 2+ hours (in summer) or 4+ hours (in winter) before cutting, as the softer the cake the more delicious! :)

Key ingredients include flour, dairy, egg, sugar, lemon juice, fruit, and etc. If there is anything you must avoid, please feel free to contact us first! xx

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