Your HYDRANGEA BOUQUET has 3 size options;
  • 6 Hydrangeas bouquet (photographed),
  • 9 Hydrangeas bouquet, and
  • 12 Hydrangeas bouquet.

Each Hydrangea Bouquet - White / Pink / Purple / Green / Mixed colours, comes with fresh greeneries (no artificial and no dry flowers at all). It will be wrapped with our signature white/gold wrapping paper and cotton ribbon around.

Size indications - you may be able to hold a 6-Hydrangeas bouquet with two hands, you would need one full arm to hold a 9-Hydrangeas bouquet, and probably two arms or both hands to hold a 12-Hydrangeas bouquet. Please keep these lovely flowers in your floral vase, change water everyday and clean the vase everyday, too! We know it's not easy :) but this is the only way making them last longer - away from the direct sun and/or heat.

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