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Real Ferrero Nutella jams in the home-made Banana flavour cake sheets. This BANANA & NUTELLA CAKE smells soooo beautiful! Belgium dark chocolates give the cake more mmmmmm! Finished with neat chocolate drips. Approx 33% less sugar than the usual recipes. Please don't eat the fresh flowers on the top :) Available in 6" (15cm) & 8" (20cm) width (approx) and 2-Layer (15cm), 3-Layer (23cm) & 4-Layer (30cm) heights (approx). 

Store your cake in refrigerator, please! For serving, let the cake sit out at the room temperature for about 2 hours before eating, the softer the cake the much better! The cake in the picture is the 6" and 3-Layer size option. All 2-layer, 3-layer and 4-layer options would have 'Semi-Naked' finish as per the photo. 

Key ingredients are flour. dairy, cooked eggs, sugar, banana, caramel, nutella, and etc. Please feel free to contact us first if you have anything to avoid! Thanks xx

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