5" PLUM & ALMOND (GF) CAKE - 28/05/SAT


Fruity and chic! A healthy Gluten Friendly Cake! You will love this PLUM & ALMOND (GF) CAKE. The cake base has ground almonds and real plums. Top plum cream cheese icing is in pretty pink colour. One of the most popular cakes! If being kept in the fridge, please take it out and keep it at room temperature for about 1 hour (depends on the weather) as the cake and the icing textures get a lot softer and therefore much more delicious and amazing! Approx 33% less sugar than the usual recipes. The cake in the picture is the 8" and 1-Layer size option. Only the 5" cake is available today.

Key ingredients are butter, GF flour. cream cheese, plum, coconut, cooked eggs, cream, biscuit crumbs and etc. Please feel free to contact us first if you have anything to avoid!

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