Terms and Conditions on your Pick-Up and Delivery Orders (or little rules to have each order to be nice and smooth)
  • will be picked up at the time you chose above without any changes (for pick up orders) at 23 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021,
  • will be contactlessly delivered anytime between 11:00am and 4:30pm (for delivery orders),
  • is not a surprise pick-up gift,
  • is not a surprise delivery gift,
  • will not have any receipts attached on your order,
  • includes one delivery attempt in the delivery price (for delivery orders),
  • can be collected from our store if the delivery is unsuccessful because, our delivery team members are not able to contact the recipient once we arrive at the address and/or there is anybody at the delivery address and/or the delivery address is incorrect and/or there is no safe place/shelter to leave your order,
  • includes recipient's name, her/his valid phone number and address in the Shipping Information section (next page),
  • includes your name and your valid phone number and email address in the Billing Information section (last page),
  • can be cancelled by 4pm in 48 hours prior to your order date or earlier,
  • can be changed by 4pm in 48 hours prior to your order date or earlier, and
  • can be picked up at our new location, 23A Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn 1021.

xx TTW.