How to keep your floral gifts for longer

Received some flowers as a gift or bought for yourself recently?

It doesn't matter whether you spent your own money or not, we all want to keep the flowers as the longest as possible. There are hundreds of different secrets we can google around to learn well-known secrets to keep the flowers for longer. 

Below are three tips we personally suggest for you to try if you want to keep your fresh flowers gift for longer!


1. Wash your vase every day (like you do your dishes every day)

TTW_clean the vase every day

Come on, you wash your coffee cups, dinner plates, and wine glasses for the next time, right? From our experience, actually washing your vases are the most important task. What's the point of putting fresh water and fresh flowers into a dirty vase that is full of slippery bacterias on the inner surface of the vase? I know it can be of a too much job, but this method is strongly recommended if you really really really want to keep for the longest.


2. Change water every day (and add a teaspoon of white sugar)

TTW_change the water every day

This may sound too obvious but what's more important than giving the flowers fresh water every day is the temperature. Do not give too cold or too hot water (intentionally and/or accidentally). The water should be similar to the room temperature. Just like you don't want to bath yourself in the icy cold water or boiling hot water. Also, woody stem flowers like Roses require sufficient water in the vase whereas soft stem flowers like Tulips would only need 1/4 of the water.

Also, one of the easiest ways to make your flowers feel 'high' and stay healthy is put a teaspoon of white sugar (well, you can put brown sugar but it will affect the watercolour...) into the water.


3. Keep the flowers in the vase away from the sun, heat, and humidity

If you're putting it out by the window, then the flowers are sitting in the direct sun. If you have to put them in the sun, make sure they are not out for a long time. Keep the flowers away from the dehumidifier or heater.