KEY INGREDIENTS FOR MACARONS - Please feel free to contact us first if there is anything you have to avoid! x

Almond, dairy, sugar, egg, fruit, pastry-chefs hand-made jams, pastry-chefs hand-made caramel, cream cheese, chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnuts, pistachio, coffee, tea, peanut, mint, Oreos, vanilla, edible syrups, and etc. All 18 handmade macarons are gluten-friendly, except the Cookies & Cream Macarons.



Serving - Please keep your macarons in your fridge and take them out to room temperature about 1 to 10 minutes before eating, depends on your preference. 

Moving - Place your macaron box on a level surface like on the floor in your car, not on the seat :) Not ideal on bicycle, motorbike, or airplane trips xx

Storage - If you have any leftover macarons, please keep them in your fridge (air-tight container will definitely help!) ideally no more than 3 days, and no more than 3 weeks in your freezer. Please do not leave it in direct sunlight and/or heat. And refer to the 'SERVING' advice above to serve the leftovers next day! x


Each 6-Pack Set comes in a 6-Pack Box in a carry bag, and a 12-Pack Set comes in a large 12-Pack Box in a carry bag or handle.