Your BRIGHT & VIVID COLOURS BOUQUET has 3 colours options;
  • GREEN + WHITE + NATURAL colours,
  • ORANGE + YELLOW + GREEN colours, and
  • RED + PINK  + WHITE colours (photographed).

Our florists will use the freshest available seasonal flowers from the markets (some flowers may be substituted). Will be wrapped with our signature white/gold wrapping paper and cotton ribbon around. Available in Medium, Large (5% off), and Extra Large sizes (10% off).

Vases are not included. Size indications - you may be able to hold a medium size bouquet in one hand, you would need two hands to hold a large size bouquet, and probably both arms to hold a extra large size bouquet. Please move the flowers in your floral vase, change water everyday and clean the vase everyday, too! We know it's not easy but this is the only way making them last longer - away from the direct sun and/or heat.

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