PLUM & ALMOND CAKE (GF) - Level 3 Lockdown




During alert level 3 and 4 lockdowns, everything is limited including staff members, ingredients and time. Please understand if there is any delays xx!


Fruity and chic! A healthy Gluten Friendly Cake! The cake base has ground almonds and real plums. Top plum cream cheese icing is in pretty pink colour. One of the most popular cakes! If being kept in the fridge, please take it out and keep it at room temperature for about 1 hour (depends on the weather) as the cake and the icing textures get a lot softer and therefore much more delicious and amazing! Approx 33% less sugar than the usual recipes. Available in 5" (12.5cm) $42 and 8" (20cm) $59. Due to fresh flowers supply difficulties, all fresh flowers decorations will be minimised and/or be replaced with other alternatives (eg chocolate shards and/or freeze dried fruits and/or macarons - whichever is available more).       


Strongly recommend to place the order 2-3 days prior (it was usually 24 hours during Level 1 lockdown but so many inquiries now). 



  • 50% off on all 'Contactless' deliveries during Level 3 & 4 Lockdowns,
  • the only single available delivery slot during the lockdowns is between 10am and 5pm Monday-Saturday (please understand there is no specific ETAs for your order during the lockdowns),
  • if you have preferred delivery time (like our usual ones, 11am-12:30pm / 1pm-2:30pm / 3pm - 4:30pm), please contact us first, however, theses will be full priced (ie no 50% off),
  • please write the recipient's name and her/his phone number in the Shipping Address details section in the checkout,
  • if your order is a surprise, please contact us before placing your order, we will help you on different prices and procedures,
  • please visit our Delivery Suburb/Prices (click here) page now to find your shipping suburb and its price,
  • we do not use a third party courier company, we are doing your delivery orders ourselves as always - the driver team members are all wearing mask & keeping 2m+ distance and when we leave the items at the doorstep, we will ask if you're the person on the Shipping Address details - normal standalone residential houses, 
  • we only make phone calls on arrival if your are in an apartment or multi-dwelling complex,
  • please provide extra delivery instruction to the correct address (if the address has different unit numbers/letters or there are fences, or dogs around, etc) - hello@thethreewords or DM @thethreewordsnz/
  • we assume that the recipients are at the delivery address as we are in the alert level 3 lockdown (if the recipient is an essential worker, please also advise us immediately),
  • please be patient as we have short-staffed and possible delays on deliveries xx thank you so much guys! let's keep safe :)    


*ADD-ON* CAKE TOPPER - We only have Pre-Made "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" cake toppers left (all customised cake toppers are not available anymore during the lockdowns)

  • $15 each - Gold Mirror or Rose Gold Mirror or Silver Mirror


*ADD-ON* MESSAGE CARD You can add a message card for just $4.27 each (5% off from the normal price of $4.50). Each Postcard is $2.50. All Postcards and Message can contain up to 3 sentences thanks!. Please write your message in the Message Box field on the Cart Page (next page)

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